The images shown here are formatted low quality for ease of viewing and to prevent theft. All canvas images are reproduced at highest level for top quality. If you are interested in ordering please note image title (below each photo) and email me at fanning@rcabletv.com
Mule Deer Buck
Three Mergansers
Lone Tom Merriam Turkey
Bighorn Ram Goldeneye
Young Bull Moose
Pair of Canada Geese
Buck Departing
Great Blue Heron, Wenatchee Waterfront

Canada Geese In Flight

Geese In Flight Full Moon

Bighorn Sheep Browsing

Bighorn Sheep On The Move

Turkeys And Coyote

Young Raccoon Pauses

Bighorn Sheep In Snow

Two Deer Wading River In Mists

Young Doe On The Alert

Northern Saw Whet Owl
Spike Buck In Snow

Geese On Ice

Duck In Flight

Ducks In Water

Canada Geese In Flight Clouds

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