Mountains, Landscapes and Natural Settings...

The western basin of Liberty Bell and the Early Winter Spires. It was delightful to find myself deep in the Northern Cascade Mountains in a warm, sunny, early May afternoon. — at North Cascades National Park.

October Mists Over Mountains                          Ferry County

Autumn In The Kettle River Range                   Ferry County WA

Morning Mists Parting                 Lake Roosevelt, Columbia River
Chinook Creek Drainage…

The Chinook Creek Drainage in Mount Rainer National Park with Double Peak standing guardian to the west.
Mount Rainer…

14,411’ Mount Rainier, in the heart of Washington State is a massive strato-volcano. The topographical prominence of this mountain contributed to the Puyallup Peoples naming it Tahoma, from the Lushootseed word meaning "mother of waters") Mount Rainier is considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. Seen here behind Governor’s Ridge in Mount Rainer National Park.
Barrier Peak and the Southern Slope of Mount Rainer…

6,514 foot Barrier Peak, is the southern anchor point of Governors Ridge in Mount Rainer National Park, Washington State, U.S.A.
Pacific Crest Trail Bridge…

The Pacific Crest Trail crosses this bridge over the Chinook Pass Highway in Mount Rainer National Park in Washington State, U.S.A.
Tipsoo Lake, Governors Ridge, Mount Rainer…

Tipsoo Lake at 5,400 feet vertical elevation is the foreground for this image of Mount Rainer behind Governors Ridge in Mount Rainer National Park, Washington State.
Yakima Peak, Mount Rainer National Park…

The 6,226 foot summit of Yakima Peak towers over Tipsoo Lake in Mount Rainer National Park near Chinook Pass.
Castle-like Basalt Formations…

Castle-like formations top the basalt cliffs forming the rim of the Grand Coulee. These massive basalt cliffs and rock formations were exposed by the great Missoula Floods during the last ice age and form a part of the Grand Coulee in Washington State, U.S.A.
Landscapes of the Grand Coulee…

The imagination can create pyramids and temple like structures out of the unique rock formations of the Grand Coulee in central Washington State, U.S.A.
Sunrise over the northern Kettle River Range above Curlew, Washington, in Ferry County, U.S.A.
Kettle River in late summer with the southern slope of Little Vulcan Mountain in the distance. Okanogan Highlands, north eastern Washington State, U.S.A. 

This is what I refer to as a 'postcard' image. Big landscape, natural setting of foreground, middle-ground, background. I like the way the shadows of the trees cross the water surface, adding a soft texture. Shot up the Kettle River across Tonata and Bamber creek drainages with Bamber Mountain as the backdrop.
Big Gib in the mists ~ morning's travel took me to Republic. Heavy fog in the lake basin but the sun was burning thru on higher ground. Caught this one just before the mists parted...

Mists Off Curlew Lake                                    Ferry County WA
Republic Washington
This little city is located deep in the heart of the Okanogan Highlands in Ferry County at the foothills of the Kettle River Range. Big Gib is the landmark mountain in the background.
Ignition - Forest Fire
The mountains of northeastern Washington State are known for summer forest fires like the one pictured here just starting to make a run through the mixed Ponderosa pine forest. 

A glimpse into the Silverstar Ridge traveling on the North Cascade Highway from above Early Winter's Campground.

Mount Rainer In Setting Sun
Washington State's iconic 14,411 iconic mountain of the Cascade Range. 

Colonial Peak above Ross Lake seen here in the late afternoon of a sunny spring day...

Early May sun vanishing behind Corteo Peak in the North Cascades of Washington State.

7,800 foot Cutthroat Peak in the North Cascade Range, Washington State.

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