Rivers, Lakes and Streams...

The images shown here are formatted low quality for ease of viewing and to prevent theft. All canvas images are reproduced at highest level for top quality. If you are interested in ordering please note image title (below each photo) and email me at fanning@rcabletv.com
Cold November Morning On The River

Dawn Over Kettle River Valley

Leaf On Stone

Mists Over Kettle River

Cottonwood Reflections

Morning Mists Parting

Upstream From Curlew

Wiseman Island ~ Curlew Lake


Vanishing Colors Of Autumn
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River Mists and Boulder

Confluence of the Okanogan and Columbia Rivers

River Otters In The Stream

Late Winter On The Kettle River

River Reflections - Falling Snow

Snow Falling On Cottonwoods

Reflections In Cold Waters

River Dipper On Ice Edge

Tracks On Ice

The Guardians - Moonbeam Bay, Colville Tribal Lands

Ducks On Ice Edge

Mouth Of The San Poil River, Lake Roosevelt

Curlew Creek, North Ferry County

Banks Lake - Grand Coulee

Swawilla Basin - Colville Tribal Lands, Lake Roosevelt

Mouth of San Poil River, Colville Tribal Lands

Near The Headwaters Of The San Poil River

Redhead Ducks - Colville River Valley
Meyers Falls - Colville River

 Pend Oreille River Valley

Young Bald Eagle Headwaters San Poil River

More to come. Thanks you for viewing, check back soon...


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