Forest, Foliage and Trees

The images shown here are formatted low quality for ease of viewing and to prevent theft. All canvas images are reproduced at highest level for top quality. If you are interested in ordering please note image title (below each photo) and email me at

Aspen Grove - Frost and Snow                 Okanogan Highlands

Big Cedar                                                                Quinault Lake

Blue Aspens  Autumn                Kettle River Valley, Ferry County

Cottonwood in Falling Snow      Kettle River Valley, Curlew WA

Deep Forest Road                     Oregon Coast, Oregon State

Misty Forest Slopes               Kettle River Range, Ferry County

Misty Morning Sunrise      Kettle River Valley, Washington State

Mossy Maple                                                     Oregon Coast

Mountain Forest Mists       Kettle River Range, Washington State

National Park Trail   Lake Roosevelt Recreation Area, Kettle Falls

Olympic Park Roadway         Olympic National Park, Washington

Oregon Grape and Ice      Okanogan Highlands, Washington State

Beach Tree Forest
Forest Fire Smoke and Sunlight
Ignition Forest Fire

North Cascade Highway A glimpse into the Silverstar Ridge
traveling on the North Cascade Highway from above Early Winter's Campground.

Mists Off Curlew Lake
with the blue ridge line of the Kettle River Range as the backdrop.

Alpine Forest Boulder Pass       Kettle River Range, Ferry County

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