Birds - Ducks, Geese and Other Waterfowl...

Waterfowl - J. Foster Fanning Photography

Click on an image for a larger view - all images are low resolution for easier viewing.
Male Mallard Flushed
Male Barrows Golden Eye Duck
Canada Goose In Still Waters
Wild Goose Chase Part 1
Wild Goose Chase Part 2
Canada Geese On Shoreline
Goose On Still Water Close-up
Redhead Duck In Sunlight
Male Redhead Duck
Redhead Duck Stretching
Facial Detail American Coot

Male Coot Grooming
Three Adult Male Mergansers On Log
A Pair Of Bufflehead Duck Taking Flight Part 1 of 3
Bufflehead Duck Taking Flight Part 2 of 3
A Pair Of Bufflehead Duck Taking Flight Part 3 of 3
Geese On Ice
Pair of Canada Geese Marsh Grass
Canada Geese In Flight - Columbia River Valley
Goose Flight Against Full Moon
Canada Goose In Cattails
More to come.  Thanks you for viewing, check back soon...

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